NYCLAW Antiwar Digest (11.19.08)


Obama Advisers: U.S. Torturers Will Walk
[T]he plan is to put a stop to current interrogation methods and to “look forward” as opposed to focusing on prior transgressions.

Senate Democrats Go Easy on Lieberman
When Lieberman faced a challenge from the antiwar left in 2006, Obama campaigned on his behalf during the primary.,0,5359209.story

Who is Eric Holder?
Holder was part of the legal team that in 2005 developed strategies for securing re-authorization of the Patriot Act.

No Free Pass for Rahm Emanuel
[T]his appointment represents more of the same — whether it is the hawkish policies of the Bush administration or the destructive Middle East policy that was wrapped in nicer packaging during the Clinton years.

Great Expectations
If those committed to organizing for a different vision of society can relate to the hopes that this has inspired — and the newfound confidence that justice is on our side — then we can make the Obama years an era of struggle and political progress.


Obama’s Cambodia?
I can hear frustrated U.S. commanders on the ground in Afghanistan making the same kind of argument to Obama’s team tomorrow that I heard yesterday in Vietnam.

Iraq Follies Magnified in Afghanistan
[F]oreign expeditions undertaken in a spirit of jingoist revenge, with a crazed optimism and no strategic plan, are usually a bad idea.

U.S. Troops in Eastern Afghanistan Won’t Rest For Winter
“We are not going to lower our tempo of operations.”,0,1032657.story

U.S. Missile Kills 6 in Pakistan
The attack was the first to hit an area outside the semiautonomous tribal belt that directly borders Afghanistan, something which could trigger extra anger among Pakistanis.

Resistance Cripples Occupation’s Supply Lines
‘These goods belong to the Americans. Don’t bring them to the Americans. If you do, we’ll kill you.’


Despite SOFA, U.S. Withdrawal Still Depends, Says Admiral Mullen
Asked if the agreement could be changed, he said “that’s theoretically possible”.


U.N. Condemns Gaza Closure
“1.5 million Palestinian men, women and children have been forcibly deprived of their most basic human rights for months”.

Israel Rebuffs U.N. Calls to Open Gaza Crossings
Barak acknowledged in the radio interview that the violence was touched off by the Israeli raid.

Israeli Tanks Raze Gaza’s Farmlands
Israeli tanks pushed into the southern Gaza Strip on Tuesday, drawing mortar fire from Palestinian militants and intensifying violence that has chipped away at a tenuous cease-fire.

P.A. Echoes Israeli Lies About Gaza
“[T]he blackouts are all staged as part of the Hamas propaganda.”

Obama Backs Saudi Deal
The proposal gives Israel an effective veto on the return of Arab refugees expelled in 1948.


Woman Sergeant’s Pain
The chain of command doesn’t take us seriously, and rape from fellow soldiers is a constant threat.


Tortured Detainee Faces New Charges
The interrogation of Mr. Qahtani, public military documents show, included prolonged isolation, sleep deprivation, forced nudity, exposure to cold, involuntary grooming as well as requiring him to dance with a male interrogator and to obey dog commands, including “stay,” “come” and “bark.”


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