NYCLAW Antiwar Digest (11.20.08)


This is Change? 20 Hawks, Clintonites and Neocons to Watch for in Obama’s White House
“I want to end the mindset that got us into war.” That is going to be very difficult if Obama employs a foreign policy team that was central to creating that mindset, before and during the presidency of George W. Bush.

Why Would Obama Proffer State Gig to Clinton?
The idea, essentially, is that Mrs. Clinton, by virtue of her worldview and independent public profile, would be able to expand the purview of the office and become an unusually powerful surrogate for Mr. Obama’s foreign policy ideas.

Holder, Chiquita and Colombia
Holder. . . . [played a] key role in defending Chiquita Brands International in a notorious case relating to the company’s funneling money and weapons to the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, AUC, the right-wing paramilitary organization on the U.S. State Department’s own list of terrorist organizations.

Some “Antiwar” Groups Excuse Obama’s Pro-War Cabinet
Kevin Martin, executive director of the group Peace Action, said. . . . “There’s so much Obama hero worship, we’re having to walk this line where we can’t directly criticize him” . . . . Tom Andrews, national director of Win Without War, said that although he finds Sen. Clinton’s views “very troubling,” Obama should be given the benefit of the doubt.,0,2687012.story


Resistance Leader Explains SOFA
The pressure by the U.S. to have an illegitimate regime accepted by the international community is part of a diplomatic offensive to assist the U.S. in Iraq and to “legalize” the continued occupation and plundering of Iraq.


Gaza Siege Doesn’t Hurt Hamas — But Israel Does It Anyway
Israel’s decision to keep the crossings into Gaza closed will remain in effect until the end of the week, defense officials said Wednesday, despite an official IDF assessment submitted to Defense Minister Ehud Barak that the restriction is not having an effect on Hamas.

Gazans Describe Life Under Blockade
I have no money even to buy candles — these are the last one and a half candles I have left.

P.A. Openly Abandons Right of Return
The Hamas Movement strongly denounced the PA in Ramallah for intending to publish advertisements in Hebrew language in Israeli newspapers in order to market the Arab peace initiative without mentioning the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes.

No Signs of Change in Obama’s Middle East Policies
In 2005 Hillary Clinton stood in Palestine and praised the apartheid wall that the government of Israel was building with large amounts of U.S. aid in furtherance of the Zionist goal of destroying one of the world’s peoples — the Palestinians.

Dershowitz: I Muzzled Carter at DNC
“Barack Obama had to make a choice between his Jewish supporters and his anti-Israel supporters like Jimmy Carter, and he did not choose Jimmy Carter.”


US Exported Prisoners For Torture
[A]ssurances could not be trusted coming from countries that have a history of abusing prisoners.

NYPD Wants More Repressive Powers
The [NYPD] Intelligence Division under Mr. Cohen has come under criticism in the past for its surveillance activity and has been mired in litigation over its extensive undercover investigation of political groups before the 2004 Republican National Convention.

Unapologetic Case For Gay Marriage
[T]he conclusion by some to stand aside or even oppose the nascent explosion of outrage demanding gay marriage is misguided.

Prop. 8 Protests Sweep the Country
Critical to the growth of this struggle is the overcoming of racial divisions exploited by the right wing.


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